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About the Movie

Six public speakers go on a journey of deep transformation delving into the emotional and physical challenges they must conquer in order to speak effectively for global audiences. Guided by award-winning director and speaker mentor Tricia Brouk, they embark on inspiring paths, facing setbacks along the way in order to develop powerful speaking skills. Inside the intimate process, these determined speakers discover the power within, embrace their own unique voice, and build up resilience to make it to the world’s biggest stages.

Meet the Cast

Michelle Arpin Begina

Financial Advisor / Executive Producer

Mark Fujiwara

Founder / Executive Producer

Marie-Elizabeth Mali

Personal Growth Expert / Executive Producer

Wayne Pernell

Executive Coach / Executive Producer

Dona Edwards

Adaptive Fashion Ambassador

Annika Sörensen

Stress Management Mentor

Wayne Pernell

Wayne Pernell

Dr. Wayne Pernell, the President of DynamicLeader, Inc. and recognized as the Exponential Success Coach, holds a doctoral degree in clinical psychology and specializes in executive coaching and leadership development across diverse organizations. He is an esteemed international speaker, a number-one best-selling author, and a highly sought elite mindstate coach.

Wayne Pernell’s signature speech topic:
Internationally acclaimed speaker Dr. Wayne Pernell engages audiences with his two keynote speeches: Creating a Culture of Caring and Listen To the Whispers. Life has changed. We’ve each changed. We each seek to honor the values we have become aware of. How we do that in an organization determines its productivity and profitability. Creating a Culture of Caring provides a roadmap for each of us at work, at home, and in the world.
Listen To The Whispers inspires refocusing on the desires we had but set aside for “someday.” A speech designed to enrich the audience member’s path to fulfillment.

Marie-Elizabeth Mali

Two-time TEDx speaker, Marie-Elizabeth Mali helps midlife women get clear on what they want next with her step-by-step PassionBody Activation System that rebirths their passion, purpose and joy. She has a Master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and has worked in the wellness space for over 30 years.

Marie-Elizabeth Mali signature speech topic:
“Your Inner Critic Loves You”
We all have an internal operating system.
To get to know your own operating system better, it’s time to stop resisting being present with yourself in the good, the bad, and the ugly.
It’s our resistance that creates static and a sense of being “stuck.”
In truth, your inner critic loves you. It’s not there to stop you from moving forward, even though it may seem that way.
In this talk, you’ll learn Marie-Elizabeth’s 4-step process to inviting your inner critic to support you and even accelerate your growth, instead of letting it hold you back or paralyze you. 

Marie-Elizabeth Mali
Michelle Arpin Begina

Michelle Arpin Begina

Michelle is on a mission to teach people how to talk about money. As a financial changemaker she brings wisdom and guts to money conversations. While not the first to work her way through college, she did so against an absurd backdrop of family betrayal and financial secrets. Connect with her at michelleab.com.

Michelle Arpin Begina’s signature speech topic:
“Be Good With Money Keynote”
Money is something we play hide and seek from – with ourselves and each other. Why? Because we’ve learned it’s taboo through inherited beliefs and behaviors of shame and secrecy.
There isn’t one magical formula to being good with money, but changing your mind that money is not private is a strong start. 
Instead of a magic wand, this keynote is an old school-new school mashup of social psychology and financial therapy — weaving stories, complete with plot twists — that whisper the truth about our often secret, tangled relationships with money.
Be Good With Money shows us why talking about money can transform our lives — and how to do it — inspiring audiences to crack open the emotional vault and break the fiscal glass ceiling.

Mark Fujiwara

Founder of Ikigai court, support mental being of entrepreneurs and ending teen suicide
Co-Founder of BrEpic Network, global mastermind group
Director and private wealth at Baird
Strategic investor to over a dozen highly aligned companies
Executive producer and featured speaker in the award winning movie, Big Stages.

Mark’s signature speech topic:
I had hit rock bottom, was in a huge rut and was suicidal. I made a commitment to go outside my comfort zone for one hundred straight days. A lot happened. Got back into shape and ran a marathon so fast that I qualified for the Boston Marathon. Called CEOs of large companies lead to my business skyrocketing. Met the woman of my dreams who is now my wife.The biggest, most uncomfortable act was sharing my mental health struggles with others. This act changed and saved my life as it is doing for others ever since.

Mark Fujiwara
Dr. Annika Sorensen

Dr. Annika Sorensen

Dr. Annika Sorensen, Medical Doctor with 35+ years’ experience from Public Swedish healthcare, Stress Management Mentor, International Speaker on topics around the successes brought by less stress in personal and in business life, certified by The Big Talk Academy and also the author of two top-rated books on stress management.

Annika’s signature speech topic:
Stress is the most common cause of sick leave today and costs a fortune for both the individual and the company. Everyone knows but few do anything because the problem is seemingly so large. And we are talking about mental stuff. Who wants to be connected with mental stuff? A real no-no for most people, especially in the business world.
Stress is part of life and Dr Annika takes things down to earth and gets them back to basics, making it fun and easy to tackle. Piece by piece she helps you defeat stress and feel peace and calm again. 

Dona Edwards

Dona Edwards worked in corporate America for almost 25 years starting as a mechanical engineer and most recently as a Senior Executive practicing Intellectual Property law. She has a BS from Stanford, a JD from George Washington University Law School, a MBA from UVA Darden and soon a Parsons degree.
Dona’s signature speech topic:
Dona left her successful career after a life-changing event, that had many twists and curves, led her on a path to her true passions. She is a TEDx speaker and thought-leader sharing stories and speaking on many topics that have touched her life including adaptive fashion, scoliosis and disability awareness. Dona also uses storytelling to encourage new ways of thinking about DEIB and empathy. She shows up as the truest form of herself and believes that perseverance is essential to keeping dreams alive. Her goal is to take you on a journey with her by being vulnerable, funny, and inspiring.

Dona Edwards

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